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NOVELTY - ONDA treatment

A world revolution in the fight against cellulite and in body shaping!

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The hit of regenerative medicine!

CGF concentrated growth factors guarantee natural rejuvenation!

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Innovative carbon peeling without a laser!

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Massage for pregnant women

Safe and pleasant therapy to relieve swelling, backache and other ailments.

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Neauvia Explosion

A rejuvenating treatment dedicated to the skin of the neck.

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Laser Mona Lisa Touch

Offer limited from 900 PLN!

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Hybrid lifting!

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Discount price 2.500 PLN! 3.000 PLN

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Aleksandra Jagielska, MD, PhD, dermatologist, graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw and Post Graduate School of Aesthetic Medicine of the Polish Medical Association.

Worked at the Dr Sankowski Plastic Surgery Clinic until 2001.

Cooperates with multiple companies as an expert in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, including Amis, Anteis, Allergan, Avon, Croma Pharma, Promoitalia, Santa Angelica, Palomar Medical, Yal Art, SBS-MED, Vichy, Fenice, and Lierac.

Member of many scientific associations in Poland and internationally, including:

– Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology Physicians,
– Polish Dermatological Society,
– Polish Association of Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine,
– World Society Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine
– Union Internationale de Medicine Esthetique

Expert in treatment techniques delivering trainings for HCPs in Poland and abroad.

International lecturer at aesthetic medicine and dermatology conferences, including IMCAS I EMAA Paris, AMWC Monte Carlo, CROMA ACADEMY Vienna, SICAAMS Geneva, FACE2FACE Cannes, Kuwait, Bucharest, and Kiev.

Authors of articles published in international press: Dermatologia Estetyczna, Medycyna Estetyczna i Antiaging, Konsyliarz, and popular magazines for women.

One of the experts in the first-ever “Chcę być piękna” reality show in Poland for women who wanted to change the their appearance and style.

Expert in aesthetic medicine invited to popular TV programs: Dzień Dobry TVN, Pytanie na Śniadanie, Polsat Cafe.

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