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NOVELTY - ONDA treatment

A world revolution in the fight against cellulite and in body shaping!

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The hit of regenerative medicine!

CGF concentrated growth factors guarantee natural rejuvenation!

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Innovative carbon peeling without a laser!

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Massage for pregnant women

Safe and pleasant therapy to relieve swelling, backache and other ailments.

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Neauvia Explosion

A rejuvenating treatment dedicated to the skin of the neck.

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Laser Mona Lisa Touch

Offer limited from 900 PLN!

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Hybrid lifting!

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Discount price 2.500 PLN! 3.000 PLN

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Experts of Dr Jagielska Sthetic Clinic in Warsaw – aesthetic medicine, aesthetic gynecology, dermatologic surgery – all in the same facility, at a good value


Janusz Greese Łyko, MD, expert in plastic surgery, general surgeon

Graduate of the First Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw (1995).

Member of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (since 2004).

Worked at the Plastic Surgery Department of the Postgraduate Medical Education Center CMKP of Professor W. Orłowski Hospital in Warsaw in the period 1995-2004, where he was awarded first-degree specialization in general surgery (1997) and second-degree specialization in plastic surgery (2004).

One of the most experienced plastic surgeon in Poland. Performed several thousand of surgeries. Completed numerous internships and trainings in Poland and abroad. Second- degree specialization in plastic surgery awarded several years ago, when plastic surgery was in its infancy in Poland.

Performs full scope of plastic surgery operations of breasts (breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, gynecomastia), face (blepharoplasty, otoplasty, rhinoplasty, adipose tissue transplantation, facelifting), body contouring (liposuction, abdominoplasty), surgeries in transsexuals, aesthetic medicine procedures (botox, hyaluronic acid), and reconstructive surgery treatments (scar revision, skin malformation removal).

10 years of work as the Head of Plastic Surgery Department of the District Hospital NZOZ in Olsztyn (2004-2015), consultant and surgeon of the Plastic Surgery Ward at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior in Warsaw (2011-2012), consultant and surgeon at the MEDREX Medical Center in Białystok (2012-2013).

Dr Janusz Greese Łyko works as a consultant and surgeon for several medical centers; he is the Head of Plastic Surgeon Department at INMEDION Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Institute (since 2015) and a consultant and surgeon at Dr Sankowski Plastic Surgery Clinic (since 2005), and court expert in plastic surgery (since 2012).

A hugely experienced and successful expert, the results of his work have been presented on Polish TV, including in a popular TV program “Chcę być piękna” broadcast by Polsat channel. Known and appreciated expert in plastic surgery, invited to take part as an expert in popular TV programmed on Polish TV channels: TVN, TVN24, TVP, Polsat, Polsat Zdrowie i Uroda, Superstacja, many radio stations and Internet chat rooms; author of many press articles.

Author and coauthor of a number of papers on plastic surgery, and collective works used as reference materials for official medical examinations in the field of plastic surgery.

Dr Janusz Greese Łyko argues that the experience of plastic surgeons is what guarantees the best results of plastic surgery procedures.

He spends his free time music-making with his friends and practicing sport in the open air – diving and sailing.

Language: English

Rzepka 2

Jakub Rzepka, MD, PhD, gynecologist and obstetrician

Graduated from the Second Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw (2007).

Started his professional career at the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute of Oncology in Warsaw where he gained his first professional experience in surgical gynecology. He currently works at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at the Postgraduate Medical Education Center CMKP at Bielański Hospital in Warsaw and the Gynecology Department of Świętokrzyskie Centrum Onkologii in Kielce. Based on his vast experience obtained in these healthcare centers, dr Jakub Rzepka provides medical care for pregnant women and helps women with various gynecological problems.

He is focused on minimally invasive diagnostic, medical and surgical procedures dedicated to women suffering from gynecological disorders. He is particularly interested in solutions that help improve the quality of sex life of mature women and following anticancer treatment. Dr Jakub Rzepka also specializes in the management of urinary incontinence and all types of side effects of surgical treatment for gynecological diseases and cancer.

In 2011, he defended with distinctions a doctoral dissertation on urogynecology at the Medical Department of the University in Heidelberg. He was the first physician in Poland to graduate with honourable distinctions from Master of Science in Advanced Oncology at the Medical University in Ulm.

Member of many medical associations in Poland and internationally. Author and co- author of a number of scientific publications. Completed numerous training courses in Poland and abroad in the field of gynecological surgery and oncology. Specialist in minimally invasive techniques used in diagnosis and management of gynecological diseases.

His ambition is to provide patients with medical care that reflects the latest developments in gynecology and obstetrics.

He never ceases to learn and develop his skills by taking part in new training programs addressing gynecological problems.

A certified endoscopist (European Diploma in Gynecological Endoscopic Surgery) and colposcopist (Certificate of the European Federation for Colposcopy and Pathology of Lower Female Genital Tract), he completed a number of ultrasound techniques training sessions in Poland and abroad (IOTA certificate).

Holder of London Fetal Medicine Foundation FMF certificate.

Language: English, German

A father of Franek.


Katarzyna Mosoń, MD, gynecologist

Graduated from the Second Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Lublin (2007).

Started her career at the Second Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of the Postgraduate Medical Education Center CMKP at Bielański Hospital in Warsaw.

In her professional life, she is not only focused on obstetrics and pregnancy management. He approaches her professional work with engagement and passion, adopting individual approach to each patient and each pregnancy. Apart from general gynecology and obstetrics care, covering prophylaxis, diagnostics and management of female genital diseases, dr Katarzyna Mosoń is also passionate about gynecology, especially gynecological interventions and surgery.

In diagnostic care, she gives special emphasis on the use of diagnostic methods based on modern imaging and endoscopic techniques.

She is also interested in aesthetic gynecology.

Dr Katarzyna Mosoń understands the need to master new scientific knowledge and skills. She continuously enhances her qualifications by taking part in conferences and training programs in gynecology, obstetrics and aesthetic medicine, as well as gynecological endoscopy, in Poland and abroad.

She is a certified endoscopist (European Diploma in Gynecological Endoscopic Surgery) and a member of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology and IOTA.

A holder of Vaginal Narrower certificate.

In her work, she is particularly focused on developing proper patient-physician relationship based on partnership and individual needs of women concerning non- standard medical care.

A mother of two: Jagoda and Wojtek.

Language: English


BOHDAN DŹWIGAŁA, MD, PhD, gynecologist and obstetrician, oncologist

Graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw in 1991. Completed postgraduate internship to continue his professional career and specialization in gynecology and obstetrics at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of Regional Hospital in Otwock. As Head of Gynecology and Obstetrics Department at the Regional Hospital SP ZOZ in Garwolin, he created the gynecology & obstetrics department and team from scratch, developing its quality and prestige. He has introduced new surgical techniques in endoscopy and treatment of disorders of statics of the reproductive organ, including urinary incontinence. Promoted patient-choice natural vaginal deliveries, advocated for the presence of family and friends during childbirth, as well as antenatal classes, general anaesthetic for delivery and natural childbirth following Caesarian section. He defended his doctoral dissertation in obstetrics at the First Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw in 2013, under the guidance of Prof. Mirosław Wielgoś.

By relying on his experience from daily medical practice and the desire to deepen his medical knowledge, dr Bogdan Dźwigała decided to start a new specialization in oncological gynecology in 2012, initially at the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute of Oncology in Warsaw, and then at the Mazovian Hospital of Bródno, Warsaw.

His skills and many years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology are evidenced by a number of certificates, training programs in Poland and abroad in the area of ultrasound scan, colposcopy, cytodiagnostics, surgical gynecology, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and urogynecology. A long-time member of the Polish Gynecological Association (PTG) and of the Polish Oncological Gynecology Association.

A fan of tourism, sailing, tennis, skiing and learning foreign languages.

His interest in aesthetic gynecology is the outcome of his experience in daily practice as a specialist in gynecology and obstetrician, of the desire to deepen medical knowledge and to discover new medical techniques.


Agnieszka Adamowska, MD, dermatologist and venereologist

Member of the Polish Dermatological Society. Works for Luxmed and Profemed. She runs her own specialist medical practice. Expert in aesthetic medicine since 2001. Specialist in aesthetic dermatology, laser therapies, and clinical dermatology. Performs numerous aesthetic medicine procedures, including treatment based on hyaluronic acid, botox, exfoliation, polylactic acid, or mesotherapy. Removes moles, warts, keratoses and other skin lesions using CO2 laser, electrocoagulation or curettage techniques. Uses Palomar Star Lux 500 laser technology to remove capillaries, erythema, discolorations, scars, stretch marks, photorejuvenation, or skin resurfacing.


Katarzyna Błażejewska, expert in clinical dietetics and psychodietetics

Graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as post-graduate studies on food safety and nutrition at the Institute of Food and Nutrition in Warsaw.

Member of the Polish Society of Dietetics, the Polish Association of Parenteral and Enteral Feeding, and a member of the Management Board of Convivium Slow Food Varsavia. Long-term cooperation with the European Center for Obesity Management.

Author of a number of publications on nutrition in pregnant women and children. A fan of jogging and climbing.


Beata Muszler – General Manager

Graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, but chosen to pursue career in management.

Administrative Director at Sport Magnum in Warsaw until 2002, later worked for 12 years as CEO of DELFIN company and general manager of REVITA Wellness in Józefów.

Known for her sense of humor, openness and positive approach, she easily establishes new contacts and develops lasting relationships with people. A true fan of running and yoga as a means to keep healthy body and mental balance. Full of positive energy radiating to other people.

Beata appreciates hard-working, honest and creative people.

She believes nothing is impossible in life…


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