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Laser treatment of urinary incontinence – SPECIAL OFFER!


Natural lip filling and moisturization effect!

Spring revitalization of the face, neck and cleavage!

Hydration and antioxidant effects! The spectacular effect of lightening!

You find us at the Savior's Square in Warsaw

GENEO an innovative treatment for face, neck, decolletage

Laser eyelid surgery
Effective treatments firming and body shaping

« cofnijMASSAGE

Massage – low-priced medical procedure offering multiple benefits.

Massage – relaxation and regeneration

The Sthetic Clinic in Warsaw offers various types of low-priced massages, delivering physical and mental relaxation and regeneration. Massage is the best method to remove signs of tiredness and overwork. It supports and supplements orthopaedic treatments, rehabilitation, weight loss, and stress relief. Massage can be used universally in all people.


Massage performed by professionals are completely safe also in individuals suffering from various diseases and conditions. There are a few contraindications in which it is recommended to postpone massage or consult a physician: These are:

● fever

● neoplastic disease

● bone fractures

● skin injuries

● high-risk pregnancy

Types of massage

The Sthetic Clinic offers different types of massage – whole body massage or massage sessions focused on individual body parts, from head to toes. Massage therapy is a perfect compliment of many other treatments, such as anti-cellulite or weight loss procedures. Massage can be used in a variety of health conditions. Other massage techniques designed for relaxation and calming; some massage methods are designed to deliver anti- edema or anti-cellulite action. The Sthetic Clinic recommends:

● traditional massage

● relaxation massage

● body contouring massage

● safe pregnancy body massage sessions

● Chinese bubble massage

● isometric massage

● foot massage

● face massage.

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