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Microneedle mesotherapy of the scalp – low-priced effective hair loss treatment in Warsaw.

Scalp mesotherapy in the management of hair loss

Microneedle mesotherapy is a medical skin regeneration treatment to tackle all types of skin problems, including hair loss and balding. The treatment may be applied onto the scalp to deliver a mesococtail rich in active ingredients to the subcutaneous tissue. This method has been reported to be highly successful by numerous clients of the Sthetic Clinic in Warsaw, offering scalp mesotherapy at very attractive prices.

Scalp mesotherapy procedure

Mesotherapy procedure works by injecting a mesococtail into the scalp in a series of very small infections. Mesotherapy uses a very small and short needle to inject a nourishing solution into your skin, rich in vitamins and agents to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Infections are made every few centimetres to the depth of a few millimetres below the skin. Mesotherapy infections are made by a physician specializing in dermatology or aesthetic medicine.

Indications for scalp mesotherapy

This treatment is intended for both men and women at all ages, presenting with the following problems:

● excessive hair loss
● androgenic alopecia,
● diffuse hair loss,
● spot baldness,
● seasonal hair loss,
● lack of new hair growth.

Is microneedle mesotherapy painful?

This procedure can cause mild pain and discomfort, the severity of which may vary in different individuals. Microneedle mesotherapy is performed under local anaesthesia to improve patient’s comfort during the procedure.

Effects of microneedle mesotherapy

Microneedle mesotherapy as a scalp treatment inhibits hair loss, rejuvenates the skin of the scalp, and stimulates new hair growth. The majority of patients who decide to use scalp mesotherapy to remedy their hair loss problems report improvement in hair quality, followed by a boost in hair volume. Mesotherapy procedures can be repeated multiple times and used for prophylaxis and regeneration of the skin.


● pregnancy and lactation
● neoplastic disease
● diabetes
● hypersensitivity to any ingredients of the mesococtail
● inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Scalp mesotherapy for problems with hair loss or other scalp conditions is only few treatments of this kind offered by aesthetic medicine clinics. The Sthetic Clinic highly recommends this type of therapy. Please check our price list for other types of microneedle mesotherapy treatments.

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