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NOVELTY - ONDA treatment

A world revolution in the fight against cellulite and in body shaping!

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The hit of regenerative medicine!

CGF concentrated growth factors guarantee natural rejuvenation!

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Innovative carbon peeling without a laser!

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Massage for pregnant women

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Neauvia Explosion

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Laser Mona Lisa Touch

Offer limited from 900 PLN!

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Hybrid lifting!

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Discount price 2.500 PLN! 3.000 PLN

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Anti-wrinkle volumetric face lift based on hyaluronic acid fillers: best prices in Warsaw.

Volumetric face lift

Volumetric face lift is about to improve facial contour and eliminate lost volume and skin deformities that are signs of skin ageing. It eliminates wrinkles, lines and folds. Volumetric face lift helps restore the harmony of facial contour and proportions of the face. It rejuvenates the face and smoothes out wrinkles at a very attractive price.

Volumetric face lift – who is it for?

Volumetric face lift can be used in anyone who is dissatisfied with the facial contour. It is suitable for both men and women. It is used to:

● lift and restore the volume of chicks
● remove nasolabial furrows
● fill out the area directly under the eyes
● remove wrinkles around lips
● improve the contour of the chin
● eliminate lines and folds.

Volumetric face lift in Warsaw – contraindications

Face lift should be replaced for another aesthetic medicine treatment for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal if any of the following contraindications occur:

● pregnancy and lactation
● inflammatory conditions of the skin
● immunological diseases
● active neoplastic disease in the period of chemotherapy
● vulnerability to keloid scars.

How does volumetric face lift work?

Volumetric lift uses special fillers based on cross-linked and linear hyaluronic acid. The basic task of a filler is to add volume to the skin to diminish wrinkles and lines, to tone the skin and support skin regeneration, and to lift and sculpt the sagging tissue. This treatment improves skin hydration levels, which makes the skin look younger and healthier. The effects of volumetric face lift offered by the Sthetic Clinic in Warsaw are visibly immediately after the procedure is finished. Full results can be seen in a few to several dozen days after the treatment; the skin will remain smoothed and the face will be contoured for around 18-24 months (depending on individual predispositions).

Try the volumetric face lift in Warsaw – the Sthetic Clinic offers competitive pricing.

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