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NOVELTY - ONDA treatment

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CGF concentrated growth factors guarantee natural rejuvenation!

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Innovative carbon peeling without a laser!

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Massage for pregnant women

Safe and pleasant therapy to relieve swelling, backache and other ailments.

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Neauvia Explosion

A rejuvenating treatment dedicated to the skin of the neck.

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Laser Mona Lisa Touch

Offer limited from 900 PLN!

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Hybrid lifting!

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Discount price 2.500 PLN! 3.000 PLN

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« cofnijHair removal

Hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Thanks to a wide range of methods for hair removal available at Sthetic Clinic everyone will find the perfect treatment, tailored to individual needs.

Hair removal in Sthetic Clinic

Removal of unnecessary hair at Sthetic Clinic is performed in three ways, giving different effects of unequal durability. Patients can choose from the most popular hair removal methods:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Wax
  • Sugar paste

A decision on the method is always made together with a cosmetologist who knows contraindications and qualifies for laser hair removal, or recommends, for example, waxing.

Laser hair removal

As for effectiveness, it is the best method of hair removal, giving a long-lasting effect and causing the hair to grow back thinner and lighter. To get rid of unwanted hair quickly and permanently, it is recommended to carry out a series of diode laser treatments that damage the structure of the hair follicles without causing an infection. It gives the best effects (up to 95%) for dark hair as it destroys the cells responsible for hair re-growth.

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This is by far the most popular method of hair removal used in beauty salons. It gives an excellent effect lasting up to several weeks. Unfortunately, it can be painful and cause irritation, which may persist for more than one day. A skillfully carried out procedure does not cause any discomfort afterwards. Importantly, waxing, with its thorough sticking to the hair, guarantees precision and removal of all hair.

Hair removal with sugar paste

This is an ideal method for allergy sufferers, people with ruptured blood vessels and varicose veins. Unlike wax, sugar paste does not stick to the skin. This is way, the treatment is more delicate and less painful. The method is quite effective, with an effect lasting 2 to 3 weeks. Importantly, the removal of paste residue does not require any synthetic means. Irritation can of course happen, but it is very easy to calm down and the next day there is no sign of the change.

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  • Inflammatory conditions of the skin
  • Fresh tan
  • Skin neoplasms
  • Allergy to the ingredients
  • Blood coagulation disorders
  • Advanced pregnancy

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