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Lip modeling and enlargement: price, course, final appearance and results achieved in Sthetic Clinic.

Lip augmentation and modeling

Lip augmentation and modeling is one of the most frequently chosen aesthetic medicine treatments. It allows to increase the volume of the lips, improve their contour or raise the corners of the lips. The type of treatment and its performance is tailored to individual needs of the client. In many cases, this solution also allows to remove wrinkles around the mouth, the so-called smoker’s lines.

Lip augmentation and modeling is also used to correct lip asymmetry.

Lip augmentation and modeling in Warsaw

Sthetic Clinic by Jagielska, MD in Warsaw offers lip augmentation and modeling using fillers containing hyaluronic acid. A doctor who performs the procedure chooses a preparation to be used in a given patient. A filler is applied to the dermis with a syringe and a very thin needle. Before administering fillers, local anesthesia is given to minimize pain.

The treatment lasts about 30 minutes and is completely harmless. Hyaluronic acid contained in lip modeling preparations is a natural element of all living organisms, including the human skin – this increases the safety of the method.

Contraindications to lip augmentation

The procedure should not be performed in persons:

  • pregnant
  • breastfeeding
  • with herpes
  • with a tendency for hypertrophic scars
  • with immune-related diseases

A decision to perform lip augmentation and modeling is made during individual consultations with an aesthetic medicine doctor. If there are no contraindications, the treatment can be done both in women and men – at any age.


As a result of the treatment, the lips are enlarged in a natural way, perfectly moisturized and elastic thanks to hyaluronic acid. The effects last from 8 to 12 months. This time depends on individual predispositions of each client.

Lip augmentation and modeling at Sthetic Clinic in Warsaw is a cheap high-quality service. See our price list and enjoy your beautiful appearance.

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